Islet of Manastir


This is the way of the Imotski region: just when you think nothing can surprise you after you’ve found a lake hidden in the hills or unexpectedly came across ancient remains on your casual stroll across the Imotski field, you will discover the adventure isn’t over yet.

This is how the Proloshko Blato lake will pleasantly surprise you with an island of its own. You might not notice it at first, especially if you’ve come to Imotski during a dry spell, because when the water level in the lake drops the islet becomes a part of its land-scape. But as soon as the lake is back to its usual glorious self, this small elevation turns into an islet that was once a home to the Franciscan monks.

They built their monastery here at the beginning of the 17th century, pressed to relocate from their monastery near the Vrljika river by the continuous Ottoman threat. They abandoned it around 1715 when this once majestic structure began its long decline, ending in little more than ruins that are visible today. But even the ruins tell important stories, and these tell us that the monastery was a rectangular structure with a chapel, connected to the islet’s shore by a small path lined with stone benches.

It appears the monks kept the islet orderly and tidy, blending their monastery into the scenery of the islet’s tall trees.´The viewpoint at Proloshko Blato offers a great view of the lake with the picturesque island rising from it, an island that is at the same time wondrous and lovely, quite like the greater landscape of the Imotski region it proudly belongs to.

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