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The Imotski region is something of a Croatian Lake District: with eleven lakes of various sizes it is a mini lake paradise of clear and cool blue water, clothed in often steep rocks and lush vegetation, nesting in the shade of the mighty Biokovo mountain. These waterdrop jewels in the crown of Imotski are precious sources of fresh water veiled in myths and legends that speak of them as the gathering places of fairies luring the mortals into an often perilous pleasure.

You may have already heard of the Blue and Red lakes, the two striking sites of nature in the town of Imotski, but they are far from being the only lakes worth visiting. The adventurers in particular will appreciate the opportunity to discover the smaller lakes that are a part of Proloshko Blato, a protected nature site. These lakes are often referred to as the lakes of Lokvichici, a group comprised of three lakes: Mamicha lake, Galipovac lake and Knezovicha lake.

Their landscape easily competes with that of their more famous counterparts. The steep carst rocks plummet towards their deep bottoms where the clear water sometimes runs dry, leaving the sinkhole exposed to the forces of nature. The northernmost of the lakes is the Galipovac lake. Its depth varies between sixty and eighty meters and hides vertical rocks, trunks of fallen trees, some fish and the freshwater sponge Ephydatia. To appreciate its lovely sapphire shade standing out amidst the summer green of the vegetation that surrounds it you need merely to rest at the Galipovac viewpoint and take the sight in with all your senses. The Knezovicha lake is the one nature decided to keep for herself. This carst sinkhole is impossibly steep and it is not hard to imagine how the fairies would be the only ones able to get down to its body of clear water forty meters deep. It is a stunning sight none the less, its calm blue surface reflecting the sky above it.

Perhaps the most amazing sight will be the Mamicha lake, a forty meter sinkhole structurally very similar to its big sibling the Red Lake. Before the sun reaches the top of the cliffs that surround it, the water here soaks up the deep nuances of the vegetation and turns a fairy tale shade of green.

While you might only be able to explore these three gems of untouched nature from afar, the hiking trail that starts at Proloshko Blato lake will take you past all three of them, along the very edge of their rocky cliffs. From high up, these wild lakes will reveal themselves to you in a near-bird eye view worthy of admiration and awe-inspiring photographs.

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