The Badnjevice canyon


This gem of natural beauty of the Imotski region is one of those hidden parts that have still not been entirely explored. During prehistoric times, there was a small lake in its bottom, closed off by natural dams. Throughout later centuries, the lake’s waters found their way and regularly flooded the Imotski Field. In the Austro-Hungarian period, during the 19th century, five stone barriers were built in the lower part of the canyon, in order to prevent excessive flooding of the surrounding area. The Ričica dam was built for this purpose: to retain water in its accumulation lake, which serves for gradual and controlled watering of the field. The river landscape of the canyon is truly interesting and colourful. Its Mediterranean vegetation is home to the viper snake ‘poskok’, and the Suvaja river, which flows through the canyon, is home to frogs and fish. As the terrain of the canyon is irregular and diverse, the river flows low in some parts and can be easily crossed, while in others it is deep, and can be crossed by swimming only (or possibly walking over the rocky terrain). The favourite swimming site in the canyon is the Proložana beach.

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