Perinusa estate


The first parts of this complex - a tower with a garden - were built during the Turkish rule of Imotski and its region. In 1735, following the liberation form the Turkish reign, the Venetian authorities donated the property to the Omiš prince Ivan Francheschi, as a reward for his services in the battles during the liberation. Today, Perinuša is a set of buildings that include two residential houses with basements, a mill house with a dozen mills, and storage rooms and gardens. The mill itself, along with one of the residential houses, is located in the northern part of the complex. The latter was built around the middle of the nineteenth century, and the old Turkish tower built there at the end of the sixteenth century is an integral part of it. Adjacent to them is a courtyard, or fenced yard ‘avlija’, the wall of which leads to the river Vrljika. The southern part of the estate was built from 1864 to 1871. There is a one-storey house with terraces and storage rooms there with a fenced garden attached. The interiors of the complex are very well preserved, with furniture from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A low stone bridge, built during the Turkish rule, once ran from the mill across the Vrljika River but was destroyed in a flood in the late 1920s. A dozen out of its twenty archways are still visible today. Many estates like this one were built in the Dalmatian hinterland, but Perinuša is the only one that still stands today and is in use. Every summer, at the end of April, it hosts the Magic Time Vinyl Festival, a unique music event where music is played exclusively on gramophones.

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