Church of St. Anthony the Hermit


At the entrance to the old part of Visnjan is a small Church of St. Anthony the Hermit from the 14th century. Interesting frescoes and graffiti have been preserved inside the church, some of which are in Glagolitic script. Scenes from the life of St. Anthony are shown, and an unusual scene is The Temptation of St. Anthony - a beautiful woman lifts the skirts of her dress and shows the saint her bare leg wanting to seduce him.

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very good!!!
The marble altars of this church caught my eyes. It has a magnificent interior full of graffiti. The frescoes were amazing to look at. The environment was calm. I totally loved it.
This church was built in the 14th century. It has unique frescoes and graffiti. This church is quite small but it has a great religious history. The history of this church was pretty amazing. My experience here was divine
The church has interesting frescoes and graffiti which set a good backdrop for photoshoot. As a film lover, I enjoyed watching the scene of Temptation whereby a beautiful woman lifts the skirts as she shows the Saint her bare leg in bid to seduce him. The path to the church was well decorated. I enjoyed the breeze from the trees outside which also provide a satisfying shade. I also loved the spectacular sculptures in the buildings which compliment the lovely surroundings of the church. Best suitable for photographers.
We visited the church of st. Anthony the hermit in our tour of Lisbon. We paid to enter, walked around, and had a look at the paintings, sculptures, and everything there. We also took a lot of pictures with our family and friends
The unique frescoes and graffitti present in this location caught my eye. I loved how the ancient inhabitants celebrated their tradition and culture.
The marble altars and metal gate were dazzling, the path to the church was well decorated and weather was perfectly fine for some photos
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