Cape Kamenjak


In the very south of the Istrian peninsula is Cape Kamenjak, a protected park that hides many natural beauties. The coast stretches for 30 kilometers and hides many bays, islets and beaches.
The clear sea and untouched nature attract many tourists looking for quiet beaches.

There are several sandy beaches that are ideal for families with children, but the coast is mostly rocky with many flat areas ideal for sunbathing.
Kamenjak is a famous diving destination due to its rich underwater world.

There are strong currents in the southern part, so swimmers should be careful, but the conditions are perfect for surfers.
In the southwestern part of the cape there is a Safari bar where you can have a refreshing drink or a light meal.

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we went ,for hiking, biking and walks around the kamenjak nature trail. the vast variety of flowers and plants is amazing in such a small area. the beaches and surrounding landscape offers a serene and peaceful feeling as you move along.
my husband finally got a chance to jump off a cliff 8metres high. there are higher ones than that for those who are daring. the crystal clear and fresh water add to the excitement. if you walk you get to enter the park free and also enjoy the rugged terrain and scenery. Great adrenaline packed place to visit
very good!!!
Scenic pebble beach with rich nature that we visited with friends and enjoyed relaxing, swimming and also went snorkeling at the sea and the experience was amusing.
I sunbathed in the skoljic beache at kamenjak. there are many options of activities along this stretch of peninsulalike scuba diving, snorkeling and wind surfing which i thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great experience.
I enjoyed my time at the place and went cliff diving and swimming at the dazzling waters of the sea. The weather was amazing and I had the best time of my life.
This protected park offers a great sport for surfing. Its waters are deep , clean and clear. I really enjoyed cliff diving. With the soft sandy beaches one could just sunbathe. I also enjoyed kayaking and searching for dolphins. On land i enjoyed hunting for dinosaurs fossils and fossils. This place has a wide variety of species of plants and animals.
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