Porer Cliff Lighthouse


The islet of Porer is so small that it will take you a little over a minute to tour, but the walk could take a while if you watch the sunsets which are among the best on the Adriatic. Namely, its longitudinal width is only 80 meters! In the middle of the islet in the shape of a round stone tower 35 meters high, this beautiful lighthouse was built, and thus the tallest such lighthouse in all of Istria.

How did the builders of Porer manage to build this lighthouse given the changing mood of the turbulent sea that surrounds it? Legends of Porer are hidden in the layers of sand in his waters, which hide many ancient remains. In the shallow waters surrounding Kršin, Fenoliga and Veliki Balkun are the remains of ships sunk in a storm that occurred around Porer. The highlight of the previously mentioned islet of Fenoliga are the footprints of dinosaurs.

The Porer lighthouse is also included in the park of miniature buildings - Minimundus, which is located near Klagenfurt in Austria. Believe it or not, more than 4,000 pieces of limestone bricks were used for the model, and construction took six months.

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