Brlicevac Villa


Villa "Brlichevac" is a protected cultural monument and one of the few preserved summer houses in the Slavonski Brod vineyards. It was built near the old "Brlich chardak" as part of a large family vineyard. "Brlichevac" was built somewhere from 1877 to 1880 according to the idea of the Croatian painter Fanika Brlich, née Daubachy-Doljska (1830-1883). The summer house was built in the then modern "alpine style", modeled on the "Swiss House" in Zagreb's Maksimir, and combined with the local tradition of "chardak" belvedere. Initially, it served as a hunting lodge for one-day parties, but soon it was turned into a family summer house. The tradition is longer than 100 years that members of the Brlich family spend the summer part of the year in it, so it was like that in Ivana's time and even today. The house was inherited by Ivana's grandson, professor emeritus Vuk Milchich (1921-2008) who gladly opened the summer house to visitors, especially children, from all over Croatia.

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