Betina Cave Beach


Betina Cave is a beautiful pebble beach located in a cave between the picturesque villa Sheherezada and Gjivovichi beach. The beach was named after Beta, as they called the great Dubrovnik scientist Marin Getaldich, who performed various optical experiments and research in the cave. Hidden in the rocks and bordered by greenery, it is characterized by an unusual shape and clear sea that will be etched in your memory forever. The fastest arrival is swimming from the beach Gjivovichi, and the locals also offer canoeing accompanied by their own guide. Since the beach cannot be reached by land, it is never crowded with bathers, so you will have guaranteed privacy to relax and enjoy this natural phenomenon.

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Ul. Vlaha Bukovca, 20207, Dubrovnik


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The first thing that caught my attention is the way the cave and the sea meet. The clear waters hit the rocks on the pebbly beach ever s softly. the cave offers a shade suitable for when the sun is high and scorching. The green vegetation even makes the place more magical. It is not crowded so it is suitable for alone time with your partner. You can reach it by canoe or swimming, if you want. For picture lovers this will be the perfect spot for your insta-pics!
The beautiful pebble beach is named after the great Dubrovnik scientist Marin Getaldic, who performed various optical experiments and research in the cave. We went there by canoes since the beach cannot be reached on foot.
It has got rich history which includes its naming and location. Being a researcher, I got a chance to enrich my research through the information I got from this area. Best place for students.
Phenomenal destination with lots of activities to engage in as we enjoyed swimming, canoeing among other fun activities. The caves were spectacular and catchy with unique features that looked beautiful as the pebble beach. Best experience as we cruise and had fun at the beach.
It is a place which is unique on its own in that visitors can keep visiting to know it even more. The locals around are very friendly and i got to bond with some who told me more about the beautiful beach. it was fun
very good!!!
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