Baptistery of Prince Viseslav


The Baptistery of Prince Viseslav, the first Croatian prince to rule around 800, is one of the most important monuments of church furniture. This six-sided stone vessel testifies to the time of the baptism of Croats, and the believers immersed themselves in it during the baptism. The copy is in the Museum of Nin Antiquities, while the original is kept in the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split.

Along the edge of the six-sided baptistery is an inscription: “This source receives the weak, to make them enlightened. Here they wash themselves of their crimes, which they received from their first parent, to become Christians, saving the eternal trinity of salvation. This work was piously done by the priest Ivan in the time of Prince Visheslav in honor of St. John the Baptist, to intercede for him and his protégés.

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