Astronomical Center Rijeka


The first and only astronomical center in Croatia that unites the observatory and the planetarium, the which is the only digital planetarium in Croatia, is located on the hill of Sv. Krizh, which is considered to be the oldest archeological site in Rijeka, since March 2006 preventively protected as a cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia.

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Svetog Križa, 51000, Rijeka


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very good!!!
I recently visited the Austronomical Center Rijeka and learned a lot about the history of astronomy in this region of Croatia. I was amazed by how rich the history and culture are. At the center, I took a guided tour that helped me to understand more about it all. I got to see many interesting artifacts, including some things that are hundreds of years old! It was incredible.
Hiking to the top with my workmates during our visit was amazing .Breathtaking views at the top. It was worth the climp
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