The town, which dates back to the 12th century, is located between the rivers Slunjchica and Korana and is on its way to the Adriatic and Plitvice Lakes. In Slunj there are the ruins of the old walls of the center of the princes Krcih-Frankopan, and the view of the city changes over the centuries, from settlements to turning into defensive fortifications, from the war with the Turks, through Napoleon to the Homeland War, as evidenced by numerous buildings and sites
.Today, it offers a wide range to its visitors through various sports activities from hunting, fishing, mountain biking and beyond.

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The history of this town was so mesmerizing. It has existed since the 12th Century, I enjoyed visiting some of it historical monuments The ruins of the Old walls were amazing. I had an amazing stay here.
The history of this town was astonishing. The ruins of the old walls could say say it. Other than visiting its historical sites and monuments, I really enjoyed mountain biking. It was such a wonderful and mesmerizing experience.
On touring this location, I was able to discover the revolution that it has faced over the years through settlement. I came across the ruins of the old walls of the center of the princess Krich-Frankopan and the defensive fortification from the Turks war.
I was fascinated by the number of physical activities one can engage in this location. It was like relaxing while keeping fit for me. I engaged in fishing, mountain biking, and hunting activities and had the best moment. I will visit again with my son.
This is ancient town with old ruins and walls is located between two rivers, it is very outstanding especially from the top of the bridge, it is well maintained. The waters flowing from the town into the river is also a spectacular physical feature.
I loved the mountain biking and hunting adventure in the woods, it was filled with nature and new skills. The ruins of the old war fortifications were also something to look at, the town is wonderful
We engage ourselves in different sporting activities like fishing which was a great bonding time for us. The architectural art and designs of the buildings and sites that changed with time were remarkable. The moments created here were and still are unforgettable.