The town, which dates back to the 12th century, is located between the rivers Slunjchica and Korana and is on its way to the Adriatic and Plitvice Lakes. In Slunj there are the ruins of the old walls of the center of the princes Krcih-Frankopan, and the view of the city changes over the centuries, from settlements to turning into defensive fortifications, from the war with the Turks, through Napoleon to the Homeland War, as evidenced by numerous buildings and sites
.Today, it offers a wide range to its visitors through various sports activities from hunting, fishing, mountain biking and beyond.

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We had an amazing adventure on the kayaking safari and the guides were encouraging and it built confidence and teamwork among us. We had fun through out the activity. Unforgettable.
We loved the quad bikes ride through the forest and it was adventurous and we had a lot of fun at the woods. It was refreshing and the children loved it.
We had the whole day rafting through the river with our guide and had some thrilling moments at the waterfalls and it was fun and enjoyable. Would love to do it again.
We stopped on our trip and had the opportunity of buying cheese and even olive oil and even honey that was tasty and we enjoyed the stop.
We went swiming on the river at afternoon hours and it was relaxing. The cold clear waters were amazing and the warm temperatures blended with the waters. Magical moments.
A tour around the town shows the amazing landscape and the rich features that it holds and the views are amzing. From the waterfalls and the river to the forest and even the ponds. Its beautiful.
We enjoyed the fun games at the center and the experience with paint balling was amazing and we also had fun with other games throughout the day.