Petrova Gora


An ideal place for a day trip and a walk through nature, several trails lead through the hill leading to various historical monuments and sites. The mountain was named after the last Croatian king, Petar Svačić, who died in a battle with the Hungarian army, thus breaking the line of Croatian kings. Of interest on the hill is a monument erected in the name of anti-fascist fighters, a partisan complex of wooden houses, an old Templar monastery from the 14th century.

№259 in Cities of Croatia

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We chose this place for our one-week honeymoon. We found a small quiet hotel that was clean and cozy. Our room had a beautiful view of the countryside. It was warm and romantic. We spent time cuddling on the balcony while birds of different types chipped in the nearby woods. I loved this place.
We visited the place and went hiking though some of the fascinating things that the trail had to showcase. We visited historic monuments that were fabulous and had amazing history that the place holds.
The history of this place is stunning. This place is full of historical monuments. Walking through this place was so educative. I got to learn about about the Croatian Kings. The wooden houses and monastery were lovely.
The several trails enabled us to go for a walk as we admired the scenic beauty of the nature. We stumbled ourselves in the various monuments and sites and of interest was the partisan complex wooden houses. A wonderful experience it was.
This place was ideal for our day trip, I was honored to learn the great history about last Croatian King. According to our tour guide, the king died in battle thus breaking the Croatian Kings line. Of interest was the old Templar monastery.
We went here for a nature walk and this place is amazing I loved the historical monuments here. The environment here is serene and adventurous which I found exciting.
The place is ideal for a nature walk and we enjoyed the trail that led us to some amazing sites as we enjoyed our hike. Great team spirit and we had a lot of fun as we toured around the place. Marvelous place to take off your mind and rejuvenate.