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Klobucar family farm


OPG Klobučar is a domestic craft whose beginnings date back to 2007. The very idea of ​​production based on natural ingredients developed from the desire to provide people with something homemade, high quality and completely natural. It all started with planting a lavender field in the small town of Lađevac not far from Slunj, in the hills, clean air and nature, while today the same field extends to 2ha of land. Out of love for nature and products based on it, the range offers a wider range from year to year. So today it offers a variety of products ... from hydrolates, essential oils, lavender flowers, fragrant salts, hand, body and face creams, soaps, candles of various scents, lip balms, massage oils, two-phase combinations for removing eye make-up, marigold macerate, carrots and St. John's wort, oils for and after sunbathing, and tinctures for scalp and hair care. We also offer the possibility of creating your own gift package with a combination of products of your choice



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Lađevac, Slunj


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This lavender farm is a must visit. Everything just has a lavender scent. The candles were well decorated and the essential oils and soap were quite impressive. I bought several lavender skin care essentials at affordable prices.
This farm cannot be described in words. I loved how friendly the staff were and how they explained how they processed the lavender
very good!!!
This farm is greatly known for their lavender products. They were driven with the urge of producing something homemade and they ventured into Lavender. They have a variety of products from scents to essential oils, soaps and creams. The creativity of this place was captivating.
The products made here are manual, excellent and completely natural. The products range from face creams. soaps and oils used during and after sunbathing.
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