Tribanj is a village in the municipality of Starigrad, Zadar County, northern Dalmatia. In the geopolitical context, Tribanj was the border of the Austrian Kingdom of Dalmatia in the 19th century and is still considered the cultural border between Dalmatia and the Croatian Littoral. It is located on the southern slopes of the Velebit mountain, also known as Podgorje. Tribanj has a long coast (about 10 km), which is part of the Paklenica Riviera.

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very good!!!
We went Mountain climbing and enjoyed hiking to the top. The view of the town from the top was spectacular. We walked around the mountain and saw some wild animals and different types of rocks. Going down was harder than coming up but we all made it safely to our hotel. I loved the adventure.
This small village reminds me of my countryside back home. Very peaceful and full of tranquility. Watching the waters as they hit the shoreline and seeing the view of the hills above felt really nice. The time i spent here was memorable.
I was delighted to learn about the history of the village during 19th century as a border to the Austrian Kingdom of Dalmatia. I also learned of the village being a cultural border between Croatian Littoral and Dalmatia. As a History major student this place was really helpful in my studies.
The inhabitants in village were very hospitable and kind and offered us a place to rest. The view of Tribanj from the Velebit Mountain is wonderous since you vet to see everything from the top of the mountain. I loved walking along the coast because of the soft warm beaches.
The history of this town is so amazing. I was stunned by its long coast. I enjoyed my visit to this town. Driving by the sea is something I would live to remember. It was such a stunning and amazing view.
This has a road next to its sea. I really enjoyed walking by the sea. The breeze was nice and relaxing. The view was spectacular. Cycling through this town and seeing its architectural beauty was lovely and mesmerizing,