Island of Saint Andrew


Saint Andrew is an island lying on the open sea, surrounded by great depths and clean and clear sea. Diving into the clear blue depths not far from Saint- as the locals call this island, is an unforgettable experience. Artificial lighting is not necessary because sunlight penetrates to the depths. Its pristine beauty has been the subject of many legends. One of them claims that it is the island with the most underwater caves and passages and the empire of the Mediterranean seal.

№47 in Islands of Croatia

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We had awesome boat rides arond the island and enjoyed the excursion over the glass bottom of the boat during the rides. It was fun and unforgettable.
We went hiking around the island and the trail was awesome and we enjoyed bird watching on our tour.
We went on vacation to the island with my fiancee and booked a session at the spa and had some great treatments on the steam room and whirlpool.
We had delicious meals at the resturant with various dishes from breakfast to dinner and the drinks too.
The hotels and accommodations were great with modern facilities and the services were amazing. We enjoyed the views of the sparkling sea and the stay was heavenly.
Evening walks at the beach was awesome with the rays of the sunset creating a fabulous time. I took some fantastic pictures during the walk.
We went swimming at the dazzling sea and the experience was unmatched with optimal temperatures and fabulous breeze.