Barban is a picturesque small Istrian village located on a beautiful plateau that separates the town of Labin from the area of ​​Pula. Throughout history, Barban has had a strategic position dominating the high terrain and controlling the valley and bridge over the Raša River. The village slowly developed into a fortified castle with round and square towers, solid defensive walls and large and small city gates. In the 16th century, it was bought from the Counts of Pazin by a rich Venetian noble family called Loredans, whose members, although temporarily living in Barban, demolished it and built a magnificent palace and parish church of St. Nicholas. The most famous historical figure of Barban is Canon Pietro Stancovich, the author of the book "Biographies of prominent Istrians" in which he immortalized as many as 478 leading Istrian personalities. Today, Barban is known for the traditional knight game Ring Race (Ring Race), a festival of wine and figs, which attracts more and more visitors every year.

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We had an adventourous thrilling experience on the zipline with our kids at the park. Other adrenaline pumping activities were amazing we had alot of fun.
I had the chance of having horse riding and other activities. The view is wonderful with it being near the sea and the nature is great. It was fun to be there.
We enjoyed the tour at the different historic sites at Barban as they were wonderful and educative. Nice place to visit and you will definitly love it.
I had a spiritual time at the churches and cathedrals that was great and felt closer and cleansed after the prayers and talks that were rejuvinating and reforming.
We went on a buggy ride and team building activities that was refreshing with a tour through the wonderful nature trail.
very good!!!