This small stone town was built in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. To this day, this enchanting village still has so much to discover with the many archeological excavations and historical research projects that always take place; wherever you turn a new part of the past is revealed. Fascinating facts about Bakar are enough to make you want to come and discover how such an unusual city participated in the defense of monumental battles, founding modern inventions and making fantastic authentic products.Did you know that Bakar was one of the first cities in Croatia to have electricity? is one of the oldest mare graphic stations in the Mediterranean located in Bakar? To add its uniqueness, the city of Bakar is located on a picturesque peninsula along the Bakar Bay, which is 4.5 km long, penetrating the Adriatic Sea at depths of up to 40 meters.

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My vacation to this town proved to be an amazing stress reliever. I really enjoyed the great lengths the hotel staff went to ensure I stayed in a warm and relaxing environment. The food was very delicious, especially the sea cuisine.
Bakar is such a lush beautiful town that captivates you the moment you set foot in it. There are nice places to sit on and enjoy the vast landscape that looks heavenly. The panoramic views here are something I will never forget!
My friends and I were enraptured by the adventurous activities in this town. We had a great time sea watching at its incredible bays and taking walks in the magnificent churches. We found this town very relaxing.
My husband and I always enjoy scuba and snorkeling. The fantastic experience in the magical diving spots is unrivaled! We highly commend the town for keeping its beaches so fresh and clean.
I loved watching the green hilly grounds from far that sorrounds bakar city. Its a peaceful city that anyone would love visiting.
My family and I got a chance to see the famous dry stone walls that were built in the 18th Centuary. Bakar is a city with rich history that has alot to be learnt.
Bakar is a busy city. I visited with my friends and loved the beatiful mountains that sorrounds the city.