Otok Maun


Otok Maun je dug 9 kilometara, a nalazi se zapadno od otoka Paga. Na otoku je tek nekoliko povremeno naseljenih kuća. Spominje se 1069. godine, kada ga je hrvatski kralj Petar Krešimir IV darovao zadarskom samostanu sv. Krševana. Nakon toga bio je u zakupu zadarskih i paških obitelji. Vrlo je popularan među roniocima zbog bogatog podvodnog svijeta, a posebno iskustvo je zaron noću.

№35 in Islands of Croatia

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(22 reviews)
I enjoyed having walks around the village as it was such a serene and beautiful place where you'd want to view everything.
very good!!!
I really had a wonderful diving experience when I visited this Island. Its underwater has plenty and different aquatic animals. Its waters are so clean. I had amazing diner moments with my family. The restaurants were amazing.
This Island is a good tourist destination. I treasure every moment I spent on this Island. The beauty of its nature was absolutely stunning. I enjoyed cleaning It's hill so that I could get a good view of the island.
The diving experience in this location is phenomenal, especially at night. During my visit to the location, I engaged in several diving adventures and was able to discover the rich underworld life. I took several photos which were very good
I loved the privacy in this location since there very few inhabitants. I was to connect with the rich nature in the location and quite and calm ambiance. It was a beautiful romantic getaway for me and my husband.
I enjoyed the night underwater experience. The scenery and marine life below was really something else. I also had a great time visiting the houses and getting a glimpse of how it feels living here. It was wonderful