15 best things to do and see in Mošćenička Draga and its neighbourhood


Most famous for being a tourist resort since the 19th century, Mošćenička Draga was once a favourite of the Austro-Hungarian upper classes who built a number of beautiful villas along its coast. The beaches of this area are still as stunning (if not more) as they were a over a hundred years ago.

If you are visiting this area, don’t limit yourself to seeing the beaches only. Aside from a walk down the promenade, the town itself offers a pretty cityscape for walking, with several locations of historic importance.

The surrounding area will impress you, as well - the villages dotting the mountainside of Učka are steeped in old Slavic mythology, and the mountain itself has a lot to offer, especially for hiking and cycling aficionados.

We’ve chosen the best locations and activities in the area of Mošćenička Draga and we hope this guide helps you make the most of your trip.


1. A walk through Mošćenička Draga

The town’s promenade, also known as Lungomare, will take you along the shore of Mošćenička Draga in what will be a particularly romantic Mediterranean walk. Before it became a famous resort, this charming town was in fact the fishing port of the Mošćenica, the medieval town perched on the hill above it.

2. The Eco Museum Mošćenička Draga - The House of the Sea

This museum was founded in order to preserve the abundant history and mythology of the area. The maritime museum The House of the Sea serves as an interpretive center focused on the seafaring, shipbuilding and fishing traditions of Mošćenička Draga.

3. The Church of Saint Peter

This just might be the most charming church in the area. At first sight it looks like a sweet little house, its welcoming effect enhanced by the low stone wall and the trees and vegetation that surround it.

4. The Sipar Beach

Perhaps the most famous beach in the area, it has earned this title with its pristine white pebbled terrain, the crystal blue sea, and the cityscape dotted with 19th century villas.

5. The Restaurant Gimi

Situated right next to the Sipar beach it makes for a great dining location. With a versatile and affordable menu, it is the go-to place during your beach day or after it.

6. The Uboka Beach

While we’re on the subject of beaches, Uboka is one of those wild, hidden places perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the charms of the Mediterranean in relative privacy and tranquillity. Since the small stream running through the surrounding woods flows into the sea at this location, swimming during the hot summer days will be particularly refreshing.

7. A walk through Mošćenice

Perched above the resort of Mošćenička Draga and the height of no more or less than 753 stairs that connect the two towns, the history of this medieval town is embedded in all of its streets. A walk worth taking, and a mere staircase away from the coast.

8. The Ethnographic collection Mošćenice

Designed to preserve the truly rich history of the area that dates back to the times of the Slavic settlement of the region, this collection contains a great number of items relating to the old ways of life in this region, including house-ware, agricultural tools and traditional dress and jewellery.

9. The Church of Saint Andrew

This stunning church has an incredibly richly decorated interior, full of sculptures of various saints, some of which were made by the famous Italian sculptor Jacopo Contieri. Until mid to late 19th century, all the service books in this church were written in the Glagolitic script, which makes it an important place in the Glagolitic history of the Adriatic coast.

10. The medieval settlement of Brseč

This town still carries the ambiance and the spirit of the old medieval town that it once was. Because of its historical heritage it is a part of the Eco Museum initiative established to preserve the history of the Mošćenice region and its traditions.

11. The Perun Hill and Peak

At 880 meters above sea level this peak will not only provide you with a great view but plenty of myths as well. It is adorned with a statue of the Slavic God Perun who, according to old local legends, had his seat right at this location.

12. The hamlet of Trebišća

Hidden in the depth of the Učka mountain, this settlement is steeped in Old Slavic mythology. Sitting in the mysterious forest it is a part of the Mythic Park Trebišća - Rodik and is definitely worth your visit.

13. The Mythic Park Trebišća - Rodik

If you want to see legend and folk tales come to life, don’t miss to visit this park. Myth, history and nature meet here to create a whole new realm, a magical realm, for you to immerse yourself in and have a truly fantastic day.

14. Scuba diving in Mošćenička Draga

If you’re a fan of diving and are looking to engage in a fun activity, the Marine Sport Dive Center on the coast of Mošćenička Draga will happily assist you with scuba diving. And if you’re not very experienced, they offer diving courses, too.

15. The Učka Nature Park

Located only eight kilometers away from Mošćenička Draga, this mountain reserve will be perfect for anyone looking to do some exploration by hiking or cycling. The nature here will provide a wonderful experience and if that’s not enough for you a great number of sports and recreational activities are available, as well.

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The guide had clear pictures and a guide location that acted as a compass during our trip here. Because i was not an experienced diver, i took a diving course and by the end of my vacation, i was a good diver. I went for diving at the Marine sport and it was a superfun activity to engage in.
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