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Imotski, a small town in the hinterland of the Split-Dalmatia County, is an undiscovered tourist pearl. Its landscape is adorned by the Biokovo mountain, a protected nature park, and beautiful lakes, known for their interesting geomorphology. If you have a single day at your disposal for the exploration of Imotski, we have prepared a guide that we hope will help you discover its natural and historical beauty.

1. Geopark Biokovo - the Imotski Lakes

This Geopark spreads over 430 kilometers and contains so many natural and cultural heritage sites that it would take several days to explore them all.

2. Imotska Jezera - Gaj

This part of the Geopark is actually a beautiful park area covered with dense black pine forest.

3. Blue Lake

It is located on the northern edge of the town of Imotski and in the southern part of Imotski Gaj. You can also walk or bike to it, but be sure to bring a bathing suit. 

4. Red Lake

This stunning lake gets its name from the reddish colour the rocks that surround it. Its bottom rests below the sea level so it never dries up.

5. Prolog Mud (Prološko Blato)

If you are in the mood for a walk through the Geopark, head towards Prološko Blato (The Prolog Mud), which is approximately a two-hour walk from the Imotski Lakes. 

6. Vrljika River

Set aside some time to take a walk along the bank of this river. It is 23 km long. Its cool clear water will be great for a swim, or a canoe ride, and its shores will prove a great place for a picnic.

7. Confectionery shop Šimitrija

Have you ever heard of the Imotski Cake?

This culinary beauty impressed the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph I during his visit to Imotski in 1875, which is why it is also called the Imperial Cake.

8. Town of Imotski

In the late afternoon and evening, after a long and exciting walk and swimming in the Blue Lake, we suggest you spend the twilight hours in the town of Imotski. 

9. A walk down the streets of Imotski

This town, located in the hinterland of the Split-Dalmatia County, is one of the somewhat undiscovered pearls of Dalmatia.

During your walk, don’t forget to visit some of its most beautiful locations.

10. Topana Fort

You can start your walk with a visit to the Topana Fortress, located at the Blue Lake. This fortification is architecturally very interesting because it has an irregular shape that follows the shape of the gorge it stands on.

11. Church of St. Francis and the Franciscan monastery

Church of St. Francis was built in the neo-Romanesque style and serves as the parish church of the Imotski area. It is decorated with as many as five altars, one of which is made of white stone, and one dedicated to St. Francis.

12. Heritage Museum Imotski

There are ten archaeological collections on display in this museum, containing artefacts from prehistory to the mid-20th century. 

13. Imotski staircase

The best way to round off your walk and get to the newer parts of the town of Imotski is by descending down the Imotski staircase. 

14. Dinner at the Restaurant Euphoria

Now that you’ve taken the stairs from the old part of Imotski, it is time for dinner. We recommend dining in Restaurant Euphoria. Its pleasant atmosphere is in part created by a discreet musical backdrop. 

15. Wine & beer bar NU

If you are looking for a lovely place for an evening glass of fine wine or refreshing beer, look no further than the NU bar. Its courtyard is a charming combination of stone walls and staircases, and Mediterranean plants and trees, and will give you the best intimate ambience in town.

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very good!!!
With the help of the guide i was able to discover the natural and historical beauty of Imotski in a single day. I toured the Blue Lake and even swam in the lake, thanks to the guide for preparing me in advance, it suggested i carry a bathing suit. I took a photo at the Red Lake which is surrounded by red colour rocks for memories.
The guide was elaborative about Imotski, it clearly described the landscape, the nature park and the beautiful lakes in this place. The guide led us to interesting places such as The Topana Fort, and the Imotski Staircase. We toured 9 out of the 15 locations suggested by the guide.
Visiting this place for a day is so unimaginable. I had a thrilling experience i Imotski thanks to the guide. It had mentioned various activities to take part in.
We had a great time in I mostki. The informative guide helped us plan our trip and we were able to take a lovely walk along the topana trail. It was very helpful!
The significant landscapes of the Imotski lakes-Gaj were declared in 1971 according to the guide. I learned that both the blue and red lakes hold a historical and monumental significance to the people of Imotski. I took several pictures for memory and will visit again soon. The guide was detailed in its descriptions.
I had heard a lot of nice things about this small town, and they were all facts. I was very impressed and there was no ounce of disappointment when i visited. The guide came in handy and i must say this space delivered great moments as the hearsays.