Best beaches of Omis and its Riviera


Omis is a beautiful low-key town of fascinating pirate history that took place in the stunning landscape of the Cetina river, the Dinara mountains and the Adriatic sea. All these elements blend together to give this charming jewel of a town a very specific Mediterranean ambience you won’t find anywhere else.


Landscape plays a great role in both the allure and the tourist offer of Omis, and its beaches are an integral part of it. Most famous for the sandy beaches around the delta of the Cetina river, the coast of the Omis Riviera also has a number of pebble and gravel beaches surrounded by rocks and Mediterranean pines.


Regardless of the terrain, wherever you set your deck chair or your towel you will be enjoying the calm cyan and azure sea, the natural shade of pine trees and the gorgeous view of Omis and the mountains towering over it.


We have selected the twelve best beaches of Omis and its Riviera for you, and we hope our guide helps you find your favourite ones.



Omis beaches


1.1. Lara beach


This lovely low-key pebble beach is a classic local beach, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and a calm and shallow sea that is easily accessible to visitors of all ages. The vibe here is casual and easy-going, underscoring the famous Dalmatian atmosphere of seizing a summer’s day slow and relaxed. A great never-overcrowded place, especially on days when all you want to do is lie on the beach and watch the sunlight sparkle on the surface of the sea.


1.2. Nemira beach


The pebble and fine-gravel coastline of Nemira runs under a pine tree dotted hillside, so wherever you land you’ll be swimming and sunbathing in a picturesque landscape. The main beach, located in a mini cove, has all the necessary amenities and plenty of cafes nearby, and is a great blend of a well-equipped beach and the charming Mediterranean scenery.


1.3. Galeb beach


Located just off the Cetina river delta, this beach is simply picture perfect. Its impeccable sand and the brackish water scenery are a gorgeous blend of riverscape and seascape, with a rich underwater world of its own. You don’t need to bring anything extra with you since there are plenty of services and amenities around, but definitely bring your camera for Insta-perfect shots.


1.4. Velika Plaza beach


The main city beach of Omis has a fantastic infrastructure of everything: from basic amenities and a large catering offer to all kinds of recreational activities for adults and children.

But what we really want to tell you about this beach is that it looks stunning - stretching along the 700 meters of the river Cetina’s delta, it is a sandy river-and-sea paradise with a beautiful view of the old Omis and the mountain sides behind it. And you’ll be able to admire it all as you stroll through the sea, since its water level remains shallow for over one hundred meters.


1.5. Brzet beach


This lovely local beach stretches for over 400 meters down the coastline of Omis, bordered by the stunning pine forest covered mountains on one side and the calm and shallow sea on the other.

The fine gravel and pebble terrain will prove comfortable for sunbathing and long strolls, and we recommend a morning visit when the natural shade is at its best.


1.6. Zvizdan beach


A small fine-pebble beach nesting in an adorable nook of Mediterranean landscape flanked by rocks and pine tress, with a great view of the Omis coast and a restaurant. If you’re planning a romantic night out, this place has all the elements for it: good food, cozy beach and the stunning sunset view.



Beaches of the Omis Riviera


2.1. Dugi Rat beach


Located in the small resort of the same name, and only a few kilometers from Omis, this pebble and fine gravel beach is a lively and cheerful place for visitors of all ages. Kids will enjoy the floating aqua park and pedal boat rides, and, following a jet ski ride, the adults can rest over coffee or a nice meal in one of the nearby restaurants.

And all those who prefer to relax on the beach and watch the world go by will no doubt enjoy the charming and carefree small town ambience.


2.2. Ruskamen beach


Even without additional amenities, this beach is one of the more popular ones on the Omis Riviera. Here’s why: it sits in the mildly rugged landscape of of pine trees and rocks scattered around. Bathed in sunlight throughout most of the day it is perfect for sunbathing but still has spots of natural shade and the forest behind it for a nice afternoon rest. The sea is clean and warm and spreads in front of you in gorgeous azure shades, dotted in places with small boats. To enjoy it, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and take in the seascape.


2.3. Bostoji beach


This beautiful sandy beach will be perfect on a hot summer’s day as the sea here is wonderfully cool and refreshing. The sea bed runs flat for quite a while so it’s easily accessible to everyone and the children especially will enjoy the benefits of shallow water and lots of sand around. 


2.4. Stanici beach


This beautiful elongated pebble beach with pine trees bending over it and a crystal clear sea will prove ideal for those who prefer less crowded and quieter places. And it will be perfect for sun-lovers and anyone who wants to get a good tan at almost any time of day since Sun reigns here from early morning to mid-evening hours.


2.5. Duce beach


The six kilometers of pebbled coast that stretches along Duce are one big beach, so you’ll definitely find enough space to spread your things around comfortably. There are always pine trees nearby for a siesta in the shade and the sea is clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Should you require additional amenities, set yourself on the main Duce beach and enjoy the availability of cafes, restaurants and various beach rental services.


2.6. Mala Luka beach


If you’re looking for picture-postcard scenery of pine trees towering over rocks and bending towards the azure sea, Mala Luka beach is that place. This almost-wild beach has no amenities except for a restaurant nearby, but it will win you over with its pebble-and-sand terrain, natural shade of fragrant pines and the Mediterranean ambience of carefree and relaxed swimming and sunbathing all day long. 



Why are Omis beaches so unique?


Not often will you find beaches where you can enjoy a versatile and stunning landscape while swimming and sunbathing.


Surrounded by the azure sea, the emerald river Cetina, the Mediterranean-green pine tress, and the magnificent stone-grey mountains towering over them all, the beaches of Omis look and feel like picnic areas in colourful nature sites.


The beaches surrounding the delta of the Cetina river are the stars of the Omis Riviera. Their sandy strands are perfect for sunbathing, walking and playing, with the terrain extending onto the seabed.


In addition to that, in some locations the seabed runs flat for over a 100 meters, providing not only easy sea access to children and the elderly but also a beautiful seascape to photograph or paint.


The sea along the Omis Riviera is clean, clear and calm, and particularly interesting around the Cetina delta where the freshwater and salty water mix, creating a cool swimming spot during the hottest of days.


For all those who prefer pebbled and gravelled terrains, Omis has plenty of beaches where the fine gravel mixes with sand or pebbles while remaining comfortable enough for sunbathing and sitting.

These beaches nest in the pretty pine tree-dotted nooks and crannies of the coast and often offer a degree of privacy and some of the best views of Omis, its mountains and its sea.



We hope our guide helps you find your perfect Omis beach. We’d love to hear your impressions, so don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. Have a wonderful holiday in Omis, and enjoy its amazing scenery! 

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