The best 8 beaches in Podstrana


Located at the foot of the Perun Hill and at the mouth of the Žrnovnica river, this lovely little resort is very popular with tourists and international visitors, some of which have permanently settled here. Its lovely coastline must be one of the reasons why it is so attractive, so we bring you the best eight beaches in Podstrana to help you get the most out of your visit to this charming resort.


1. Strozanac beach

This beach doesn’t have a lot of natural shade available but there are plenty of beach umbrellas for rent. Don’t let this discourage you from coming here for a good swim - the beach is a pebble-sandy beach dotted with cafes and restaurants, which makes it one of the best beaches in Podstrana.

2. Mutogras beach

The pebbled area of this beach is bordered by a paved promenade, which makes it ideal for both swimming and sunbathing. With its shallow sea and a children’s playground it is a favourite among families with small kids.

3. St. Martin’s Beach

This lovely beach is located near a camping site. Its terrain is rocky and pebbled, but with its shallow sea it is still one of the top choices for families with children.

4. Podstrana beach

Located in the very heart of the Podstrana coastline, it is especially famous for its calm, clear and warm sea. The easy water access due to the shallow level of the sea makes it a great choice for children and the elderly.

5. Grljevac beach

This beach is fully equipped with all the usual amenities - toilets, changing booths, beach equipment and sports rentals - and with its pebbled terrain and easy sea access it is a perfect well-rounded beach for a whole day stay.

6. Stobrech beach

This beach must have been very attractive to the ancient Greeks who formed their settlement next to it. Its shore is still pebbled and its sea reputed to be very calm and thus great for swimming, whether you are a child or an adult.

7. Fitness Beach Stobrech

This is not your garden variety kind of a beach. It takes sport to a whole new level. On any other beach you might play beach volleyball or rent ski-jets or paddle boats, but here you’ll be working out a sweat in a serious fitness experience.

8. Stobrech beach - South

This pebble beach is another favourite with the kids and their families since its soft sand and pebble shore is great for running around and playing. The sea is shallow here, warm and thus perfect for swimming.While there are only basic amenities here - toilets and changing booths - all the bars and restaurants are in the near vicinity.

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The guide was well detailed, it gave the best of what to get the most of this charming resort.The Stobrech beach was suitable for swimming for both my kids and my friends. Stobrech beach- South favoured my kids, the pebble beach was great and running and playing.
The Stobrech Beach was exceptional because the basic amenities were available. The food and drinks at the bar and the restaurant were very tempting that had to try different dishes. My kids loved the shores for the soft sand.
The informative guide showed me how to reach the Strozanic beach were I enjoyed myself. I later went to the Podstrana beach and swam. I loved the experience I had from these beaches. Thanks to the guide I had a great time.
I visited this lovely small resort last saturday and it is full of good vibes. I has lovely beaches, the major reason why i decided to vacation here. The guided assisted me in discovering other beaches which were as good.
Mutogras beach is a pebble-concrete beach in Podstrana. The shallow waters made the swimming for my six-year-old more enjoyable. I love how the guide gave a detailed description of the place and recommended games to be played. I will visit again with my nieces.
I was hosting a birthday party and needed a venue for it and this amazing guide was well timed .The St Martin's Beach was the most favourable since there's a camping site nearby. The children loved the beach because of the shallow sea.
Thanks to the guide for leading us to the best beaches in Podstrana. My kids played at the children's playground while i enjoyed swimming in the pebble beach at Mutogras beach. Ideal place for families with small kids.