8 outdoor adventures in Ploče and its neighbourhood


The town of Ploče, located in the Dubrovnik-Neretva county, is one of those places that is easily overlooked when looking for somewhere to go for your next summer holiday. It is not a summer resort - it is, in fact, a port and an industrial town with a history of strategic military importance.

While we think there is still a certain charm to it precisely because of this, what Ploče perhaps lacks in the classic seaside tourist offer it well makes up with the amazing landscape it sits in. Its neighbourhood is full of barely discovered lakes and valleys and the home to the largest vineyard in Croatia. And it is the place where the grand Neretva river meets the sea, creating a beautiful delta full of sandy beaches.

If you’re looking for a new and undiscovered place where you can explore the untouched, often wild nature, through hiking, cycling and kayaking, and enjoy the unique experience of swimming in the delta of a river, we suggest you consider Ploče and its neighbourhood for your next vacation.


1. Cycling and kayaking at the Baćina Lakes

These peaceful lakes are much like jewels in the crown of the landscape of Ploče. Beautiful, precious, and still undiscovered by the holiday crowds they will welcome you with their stunning scenery as well as genuine serenity of its nature.

Six of the seven of them are connected via walking and cycling paths, and we can’t imagine a better way to start the day, or spend an afternoon, than walking surrounded by the green of the vegetation, or kayaking along the calm waters of the lake.

The lakes are located halfway between the city of Split and city of Dubrovnik, only 2,5 km west of Ploče, and can easily be reached by car.

2. Kayaking tour of the Bačina Lakes

Aside from walking and cycling, kayaking is a fantastic way to explore the lakes. Since their waters are calm, with no natural obstacles, your sailing will go smoothly and will make for a very enjoyable morning.

Booking a kayaking tour will make things easier for you: you will be provided with all the necessary equipment so you won’t have to bring your own, and you will be able to visit all of the best spots, some of which are known only to locals. 

3. Cycling and hiking in the Jezero Valley - The Lake Valley

This beautiful valley gets its name from the lake it once used to be, before the water was drained by diverting it into the Baćina Lakes. What was left was a fertile ground that is now the largest vineyard in Croatia.

This is perhaps the best place for cycling in the area since the valley is full of cycling paths. While you can go cycling by yourself, booking a cycling tour will be a fabulous experience since it includes a wine tasting tour. Unmissable for sure, since the grapes grown in the valley ripe under the mild Mediterranean sun, giving some truly excellent wines.

4. Cycling through the Jezero Valley

Booking a cycling tour will basically give you two tours for the price of one. You’ll be exploring this beautiful valley cycling down its many paths that will take you through vineyards, and along the bank of the river Matica. At the end you’ll be able to taste not only the wine made from the vineyard’s grapes but other local products, as well.

5. The delta of the Neretva river

The river Neretva springs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and along its 225 kilometers long route offers amazing landscapes that can be explored in a number of exciting ways. Its final twenty two kilometers pass through the territory of the Republic of Croatia, where, just next to the town of Ploče, the river spreads into a delta as it meets the Adriatic Sea.

It is precisely the delta that is one of the most beautiful landscapes in this region. Its sandy beaches and shallow water level are perfect for cycling, hiking, kite-surfing and swimming and sunbathing.

If you are visiting the area, don’t miss to see the exceptional natural beauty that occurs when a river meets the sea.

6. Kite-surfing at the Neretva delta

The popularity of this recreational activity has grown considerably over the last few decades. The mouth of the river Neretva offers perfect conditions and setting for this activity, with its favourable winds, long sandy beaches and shallow sea level.

7. Swimming at the mouth of the Neretva river

The place where the cool fresh water meets the warm sea is always going to make for a very special swimming experience. The scenery here is unlike any other part of the Adriatic coast. The sand beaches and strands stretch towards the sea, surrounded by tall grass and wild flowers, the flat and shallow water that appears endless, the skyline rimmed with the hills and mountains in the distance and the view dotted with surfing kites make for a unique landscape.

Needless to say that you will be completely comfortable sunbathing here since the beach is all sand and nothing but. Since the water level is shallow it is perfect for kids and the elderly. Your walk along the sandy beach can extend for hundreds of meters into the sea since in some places the sea level is that shallow.

8. Hiking at Sveti Ilija

If you’re looking for a fantastic aerial view of all the locations you have visited so far, and you don’t mind climbing up a mountain, head towards the Grabovica mountain, located less than fifteen kilometers away from the center of Ploče.

It’s peak, Sveti Ilija (St. Elijah) is perched at the height of 773 meters and offers a stunning view of the Ploče region on one side and the Makarska Riviera on the other. And the climb up will make for a great exercise, too.

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