15 best beaches in Zadar


During his stay in Zadar in 1964, the famous film-maker Alfred Hitchcock took one look out his hotel room window at sundown and said: “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida, applauded at every evening.”

You can admire the view of Zadar’s renowned sunsets from anywhere in the city, but it is a particularly lovely and romantic experience when viewed from one of the many fabulous Zadar beaches.

And we are not embellishing here - Zadar’s beaches offer a stunning view of the seascape horizons - and so much more.

Incredibly well-equipped, with an indented and versatile shoreline and so many recreational and entertainment options, you could just as well spend your entire vacation time visiting them and enjoying their benefits.

In case you’re up for that adventure, or if you just need a guide to help you sort out through the many options, we have compiled a list of the fifteen best beaches in Zadar and we hope it helps you find your favourite ones.


1. Kolovare beach

The star beach of Zadar and the bearer of the Blue Flag certificate of quality, Kolovare is fully equipped with just about everything you need, including the infrastructure for wheelchair users, and a lifeguard service.

If you settle in nicely on its northern side you’ll have for your view the historic part of Zadar. Should you choose the southern end, you’ll be lounging in the shade of the fragrant pine trees. Its part pebble and part concrete terrain is touched by a shallow sea and after your swim stop by one of the cafes and restaurants for an indulgent cool drink, delicious meal or a refreshing ice cream.

2. Maestrala beach

This lovely city beach with a part pebble and part concrete terrain has a very good children’s playground, palm trees to chill under, and a beach bar to enjoy the sea view over coffee or cold drinks.

While the seabed might require water shoes, the sea itself is cool and refreshing. A very lovely city spot for a morning swim and coffee.

3. Uskok beach

An excellent all-around beach for just about every kind of visitor, this beach has all the basic amenities, cafes, a children’s playground, and ball sports courts on top of that. And for those who just want to sit, relax, enjoy a good conversation with friends, a good book or have a picnic, there’s a lovely lawn on the beach that will serve them perfectly.

4. Kozino beach, Kozino

Located just outside of Zadar’s city limits, in the small once fishing village of Kozino, the terrain of this pebble beach stretches into the seabed offering easy access for everyone. It is adorned with lovely wooden piers and wooden benches scattered along its length. Bordered by Mediterranean trees, it is a perfect spot for anyone looking for those charming authentic and local spots for their beach day. 

5. Puntamika main beach

This mostly sandy and partly pebbled beach, depending on where you land, will be a great beach for kids. Its sandy terrain extends into the seabed which makes running and splashing around comfortable and easy, and all the access to so much sand will help your kids showcase their sandcastle-building talents. There is a children’s playground near the beach, too, and cafes and restaurants for the lunch and drinks that are sure to follow a great day on this beach.

6. Cape Puntamika beach

A very pretty pebble-rock beach surrounded by a thick pine tree forest and embellished with a small lighthouse. As the least crowded of Zadar beaches it offers a private ambience at the heart of the city’s coast, and a cafe bar nearby to enjoy your moment of tranquillity and quietness.

7. Borik beach

As a bearer of the Blue Flag this beach is equipped with the complete infrastructure necessary to be awarded the certificate, and adapted for wheelchair users. It is also packed with options for entertainment and recreational activities, water sports in particular. Its terrain is part pebbled, with concrete sections and a lovely sandy cove. With easy sea access, plenty of natural shade and all the numerous amenities it is one of the most popular beaches in Zadar.

8. Punta Skala beach, Petrchane

This half wild beach nesting in the Mediterranean scenery of rocks and pine trees is a lovely place for all those who prefer less crowded places. Its mostly pebbled shore with some rocky areas offers an easy sea access and a beautiful ambience of mild seclusion.

(Not to be confused with the naturist beach of the same name). 

9. Podbrig beach

This little pebble beach with easy sea access and rocks dotted with pine trees will make a lovely spot for your daily dose of swimming, sunbathing and lounging in the shade over a good book. Or you can just pop down to it after your morning coffee in one of the cafes in its near vicinity.

10. Karma beach

If you’re looking to experience that vivacious youthful and energetic beach vibe, Karma is the place for you. Surrounded by cafes, bars and clubs offering entertainment all day long, with a bar right there on the beach and a mix of sandy, pebbled and concrete terrain, it is a great place for a quick swim and lots of fun.

11. Mali Mlini beach

Spreading in length with a mostly pebbled terrain and some concrete sections this beach has a small pier, shallow sea, a seabed covered with fine gravel and pebbles, and plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby. A truly lovely open space to enjoy the sea breeze on your skin and a wonderful view of the horizon, whether at sunrise or sunset.

12. Diklo beach

If you find yourself in the northern part of Zadar don’t miss to visit this well-equipped beach. It blends into its promenade with a pebble, concrete and partly rocky terrain and enough natural shade for lounging in the warm afternoon hours. Cafes and restaurants are in the near vicinity and jet ski and banana boat rides are available for some extra fun. And if you’re looking for extra romance, come here at sunset-time and take an evening walk down the promenade.

13. Punta Bajlo beach

A beloved and a practically legendary Zadar beach that follows the eponymous promenade sits in the beautiful scenery of pebbles, stones and some rocks, stone embankments and Mediterranean trees. Rest in the shade, dive into the sea from the tall rocks, engage into some volleyball, get an ice cream and take a stroll down the promenade, and then lounge in the cafe on the beach and admire the wonderful seascape in front of you.

14. Dog beach at St. Klement

If you’re holidaying with your best friends of the furry and four-legged kind, Zadar has a lovely dog beach for you. Located on the small St. Klement peninsula it has a pebble-and-gravel terrain and easy sea access for both you and your dogs, however large or small they may be.

The trees dotting the lawn behind the beach will provide a lovely shade for a picnic, post-swim nap or a game of fetch.

15. Lipauska beach, Bibinje

If you find yourself cruising the coast of Zadar in your car stop by the Lipauska beach in Bibinje. You’ll find it excellently suitable for children, with pebbled sections, a part sandy and part pebbled sea bed, a children’s playground and all the necessary basic amenities.

If you’re an adult you’ll love it here, too, playing volleyball or just enjoying the relaxed Summer vibes in one of the nearby cafes.


Why are Zadar’s beaches so unique?

Two of Zadar’s beaches have been awarded the international Blue Flag certificate for quality: the Kolovare beach and the Borik beach. This means that both these locations are equipped with the infrastructure that makes it possible for the visitors to feel comfortable and safe all day long, including wheelchair users.

However, with or without the Blue Flag, most of Zadar’s beaches offer not only the basic amenities, but also a great number of entertainment and recreational options.

Every beach has at least a cafe or a restaurant nearby, and since most of the city beaches are stretched along Zadar’s shore, you only need to follow the promenade to get to any extra amenities and facilities you might need.

One of the best things about Zadar’s beaches are, in fact, the promenades: they make the beaches alive during the night as well as day, turning them into wonderful and romantic places for sunset-watching.


We hope the beaches of Zadar impress you as much as they’ve impressed us. We’d love to know all your thoughts about them, so please don’t hesitate to leave your stories in the comment section below.

Don’t miss to watch the beauty of the famed Zadar sunsets (approved by Alfred Hitchcock) and have an amazing time on whichever beach you choose!

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