11 interesting places in Buzet and surroundings


Buzet is located in the north of Istria near the border with Slovenia. It is a beautiful, old medieval town located on a hill above a very fertile valley of the largest Istrian river - Mirna.

Today, Buzet is best known as the city of truffles because of the divine tuber whose best hunting grounds in Istria are located right in the forests next to the city and the surrounding area.

Also, staying in this city you will be pleasantly surprised by the fun and interesting natural places you can visit.

Below are just a few of them:

1.Old town-Located on a hill bordered by rich, dense greenery is the old, fortified stone town of Buzet, which is one of the most famous medieval Istrian towns first mentioned in the early 19th century.In the Old Town of Buzet you can see several beautiful stone medieval churches and chapels, the Homeland Museum in the Bigatto Palace, and the surrounding landscaped promenades in the dense forest are ideal for those looking for walks, hiking and merging with nature.

2.Petrapilosa Castle - It has had a defensive role over the centuries. It got its name from the Latin expression meaning "hairy stone" because the walls of the castle were covered with moss that changed colors during the seasons. Today, the castle hosts occasional cultural events, concerts and performances, and the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene which you can visit.

3.Glagolitic Alley - Glagolitic Alley is located on the road from Roč to Hum and is the most important monument dedicated to Glagolitic. Eleven separate monuments have been erected that testify to Glagolitic literature and the past. There are 11 individual monuments on this educational road

4.Sopot Waterfall - Sopot Waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Istria, and is as high as 30 meters. The climbing area is located in the village of Strana near Buzet. Because of its beauty, climbers named it Pandora (as in the movie Avatar), and the surrounding climbing paths were named after names from the film of the same name.

5.Trail of seven waterfalls - This circular hiking trail that begins and ends in Buzet. The trail of seven waterfalls is popular in and out of season, it is 13 and a half kilometers long, and you will cross it in about 5 hours. 

6.Homeland Museum - The Homeland Museum of the City of Buzet was founded in the 20th century and operated as an independent building for some 15 years. After that, it was added to the People's University "Augustin Vivoda", part of which remains today.

Conveniently located in the beautiful 17th century Bigatto Palace in the Old Town of Buzet.

7.Buzet Canyon - Three canyons are located in a picturesque gorge of 7 waterfalls made by the fast, strong river Pivka, while the other two are located on the right side of the canyon of the river Mirna. Many groomed routes have been made by which you can explore the beauties of the canyon.

8.Pillar of Drama -This is the only preserved pillar of shame erected in human form, and is located near the village of Salež. Locals still call it "Berlin", after Berlin - a type of four-seater carriage that once drove on the route Berlin - Paris, and according to legend, on such cars, the convicts were ridiculed. It is carved entirely in white stone

9.The town of Roc -It is located in the center of northern Istria, at 348 meters above sea level, located about 10 kilometers from Buzet. During the 15th and 16th centuries, Roč was the center of Croatian literacy and today it attracts more and more tourists who admire its beautiful architecture and landscape.

10. Kotli - The name of this place comes from the fact that the bed of the river Mirna that flows through the village, a lot of holes reminiscent of boilers that were used for traditional cooking on old fireplaces. Today, Kotli is a protected rural complex with preserved courtyards, external staircases, arched passages and picturesque chimneys, etc.

11.Hum -Hum is the smallest town in the world, and is located in the center of Istria with barely 20 inhabitants. According to legend, Hum was built of stones left behind when the giants built towns in the valley of the river Mirna, an area of ​​central Istria that includes beautiful mountain places such as Motovun, Roč and Bale. Apart from being known as the smallest town in the world, Hum has recently become popular for bisci-traditional brandy .

Don’t forget to take a picture of each of the places you’ve visited and make sure you share your impressions with us in the comments.


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