Trstenica Beach


Trstenica is a sandy and pebble beach about 1 km long, located on the east side of Orebich just before Mokalo and Dingach. It is easy to reach on foot, a pleasant 10-15 minute walk from the main pier Orebich where all ferries and boats from / to Orebich and Korchula.
Once you are in Orebich, walk to the end of the pier and take the first street on the right, which would lead you along the entire coast, the main promenade of Orebich to the beach Trstenica.
In Trstenica you will find several refreshing cafes on the beach located on the coast and where it is very convenient to sit and sip a cold drink on hot summer days under large pine trees that offer pleasant shade.

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we were here for my children's birthday, the atmosphere was cool, lively and perfect for taking tasty wines. The view of the sea from pine farm gave the place a beautiful scenery. I will definitely come back.
My dad and i took a pleasant walk from the main pier Orebich where ferries and boats from Orebich and Korcula stay. We then had some drinks and bonded in one of the bars at the pebble beach. It was a good time.
This sandy and pebbly beach is easily accessible by walking. The breeze from the sea is cool and one could enjoy a cold drink while sitting on the sand. The cafes are amazing and serve the best foods and drinks here. The light reflecting from the sun hitting the water surface is also beautiful to watch.
the food was delicious and the menu was full interesting meals to choose from. i will always recommend tasty traditional meals from the cafe. i loved it
The pine trees offered the perfect shade for us as we enjoyed the sweet drinks served from the beach bar. A walk along the sandy and pebble beach barefooted was amazing and the experience was unmatched on the hot temperatures.
very good!!!
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