Divna Beach


The very name of the Divna Beach (divna means gorgeous in Croatian)  says that it is a heavenly beautiful bay of turquoise blue sea. In recent years, the popularity of the beach is growing and is certainly among the most popular on the entire peninsula. The beach is partly sandy and partly pebble. The entrance to the sea is very gentle, so it is a good choice for families with children. Only a small part of the beach has natural shade, and we definitely recommend bringing an umbrella. In the sea in front of the beach there is a small uninhabited island, to which one can swim. Near the beach there is a camp of the same name and a bar.

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public beach



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Uvala Divna, 20240, Donja Vrućica


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The beach has not fallen short to its meaning of beautiful. This beach is a heavenly bay of turquoise blue sea a good spot for swimming. Near the beach there is a camp and a bar in case you are thirsty.
The kids choose the destination and couldn't wait to arrive at the pebble and sandy beach. It was fascinating for the kids as they enjoyed swimming at the sea and the umbrella that we carried offered great shade for us. The bar for me was the best thing as i enjoyed the cold sweet drinks as the sun was setting.
Divna is divine! he beautiful sea, pebble-sandy beach and the greenery makes it a popular place for tourists.the entrance to the sea is gentle so it definitely is a good place to come with family. There is a camp and bar where you can get drinks and refreshments.
The entrance to the sea is very gentle ,my kids were able to get into the beach. We rested under the natural Shades found in this beach, it was relaxing . It was awesome to swim through the island and feel the Magical water.
This beach was a small heavenly paradise for us. I loved watching the sun rays shine brightly on the turquoise blue water of the sea. A good spot to unwind and relax and just to think about nothing but good vibes
very good!!!
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