Beach Ovrata


Ovrata beach is located near the Paradiso camp. It is beautifully landscaped and could be said to be reserved for camp guests. This beautiful, pebble beach is just enough for camp guests. The main part of the beach is made of fine pebbles, and on the side is wrapped in stone.It feels a natural ambience, especially because of the greenery that surrounds the camp and the beach.The night lighting from the nearby camp is great for evening walks on the landscaped slopes when the sun goes down.

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public beach



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20244, Postup


(4 reviews)
The fine pebbled beach was the finest destination for our summer vacation and we enjoyed our time all through. We loved sunbathing and relaxing at the beach with some shade at the beach and the weather was great. Nice facilities that were instrumental to our comfortability and it was great to be at the beach.
A summer visit with my family could not miss a dive to the sea and enjoy the sparkling water and the amazing weather made it even more fun. Went swimming and explored a little bit of the sea. We had fun at the beach and lovely time to be there.
The bars and restaurants at the beach were the most entertaining things for us when we visited the beach. We had some few drinks and refreshments as well as seafood freshly prepared among other delicious dishes wells served at the spots. Remarkable place that we enjoyed to be at.
very good!!!
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