The Tisno Bridge


The bridge in Tisno is the only connection between the island of Murter and the mainland. The old bridge was built in the early 18th century. In 1968, it was replaced by a drawbridge. The bridge used to be manually operated and moved to the side. The most common "vehicles" were donkeys. They were often feared by the sea, which could be seen in the gaps between the wooden planks.

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Šibenska 1, 22242, Tisno


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It is a busy bridge that is used by many people since it links the two towns. I went for an evening run and it was superb. The views of the sea and the landscape is unforgettable. The sunset from the bridge is shiny and an amazing glow for a spectacular picture session. We visited the bridge during the night and it was remarkable. The lighting at the bridge is great and magical and gave a romantic feeling when we toured.
Wonderful landmark that acts as a place for many people to meet each other when they are around. We visited the place and was shocked by the number of people that visit the place. It was fun to visit the place and had the chance of meeting new people and enjoying the cool breeze from the bridge and getting to have the amazing views of the remarkable landscape and village not forgetting the turquoise sea. We took a walk in the evening to the place and it was refreshing and we couldn't leave without a photo taken for the social media post and memories.
very good!!!
The bridge was spectacular. From above, we enjoyed watching the boats across between the two locations that it connects , that is Island of Murter and mainland.I had seen such a bridge in movies and photos and standing close to it was like a dream come true for me. The artwork and engineering behind this bridge is a masterpiece. It was here where i was able to meet a lot of lovely people. A must tour place for everyone.
I loved walking through the bridge as i got to experience a panoramic view of the two locations being connected by the bridge. It is in this bridge that my boyfriend proposed to me. Its blue colorS and amazing sunset rays that rested on the bridge offered a good backdrop for our photographer who took photos and videos of my boyfriend proposing. The sound it made as it rose up and down was music to my ears. I really loved it here.
This bridge connects to towns. Its view is quite nice. You get a glimpse of the to towns and a vast water body. Standing at this point was a therapeutic moment. The sea breeze was just fantastic. Perfect place to take photos, it created a good background. I really loved this spot.
The bridge was spectacular, the sound it made as it rose up and down was music to my ears
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