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Beach Villa Tisno is located in the center of Tisno. The beach is easily accessible, made from a combination of fine brown pebbles and sand with stone parts that are great for sunbathing. There is no natural shade on the beach so bring sunscreen. There are also no additional facilities and facilities, but the town center is nearby and above the beach is a promenade that leads directly to all restaurants, cafes and beach bars and shops. The beach is very popular, so don't expect too much privacy.

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We had our family trip here at Tiso town and we loved it. The kids loved the weather and days at the beach. My husband and I loved the beach bars it gave us space to unwind.
Despite it lacking additional facilities that require one to carry everything needed for the day before hand, this fine brown pebbles and sand with stone parts beach that are great for sunbathing. It lacks facilities that are available in the town nearby. There is a promenade leading to restaurants, cafes and beach bars and shops for refreshments, it is a popular place so expect it to be crowded.
The fine brown pebbles, sand, and stones on the beach made it a perfect location to bask in the sun and get a tan. It was exhilarating to take in the beauty from the surrounding areas and I ended up touring the beach while taking picture os the beautiful items and places I discovered
very good!!!
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