Swiss house


The existence of the Swiss house was first recorded in the land register in 1875 after the Scarpa family, together with Villa Angiolina, sold it to the family of Count Choniski.

Although it was originally built for the basic needs of the park workers and the villa of the same name Angiolina, the development of tourism gave rise to the idea that such a picture has a bad effect on the overall tourist image of the park and the city of Opatija. popular). The house was then renovated and first named Schwaiserhaus -Swiss house.
With the arrival of the Italian administration, the house was ceded to gardeners as a temporary solution, but this temporary solution will extend to the present day. After the departure of the Italian and the arrival of the Yugoslav administration, it was considered desirable to leave workers in it, and the house later became the property of Parks Opatija.
During the 21st Century, the Croatian Museum of Tourism temporarily entered the Swiss house, and in 2019 it was taken over by the Festival Opatija.
Today, the Swiss house is one of the most important exhibition spaces in Opatija, which is visited in large numbers by tourists and locals.

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