Stipanska Beach


Stipanska Beach is a beautiful nudist beach located on one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic - Paklinski islands, more precisely on the island of Marinkovac.
Stipanska has a pebble and rocky appearance that offers complete privacy and the opportunity to enjoy a vacation away from the summer crowds. The beach can be reached by private or taxi boat from the town of Hvar

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public beach


Island of Hvar

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21450, Hvar


(13 reviews)
I loved the pebble and rocky beach that glorified the uniqueness of this island. The beach ensured we enjoyed its privacy with little disturbances.I loved it here.
The views of the sea were mesmerizing, giving a clear picture of its clarity. Swimming in this water was relaxing . The beach was not crowded.
Calm and nice pebble and rocky beach that we visited for our summer vacation. Nice chairs and umbrellas at the beach that offered a shadow and away from the crowded places. Relaxing and refreshing experience with a touch of the nudist to it.
I really enjoyed evening walks at this lovely pebble beach during my three stay visit to the town. The beach bar had some amazing cocktails with the views of the sea and landscape.
It is a less crowded beach that was easily accessible by the boat. Sitting around , wearing nothing, basking in the sun without worrying about crowds. The rocky appearance of the beach assures the tourist of complete privacy and you are able to enjoy your vacation in your birthday suit!
very good!!!
I loved the seafood it was well cooked, the boat bay was very calm and beautiful sight. What a way to spend the holidays
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