Pag triangle


The Pag triangle is an isosceles triangle-shaped formation on the Tusto chelo hill, near Novalja on the island of Pag. Since the discovery itself, the unusual formation has become a hot topic among scientists trying to discover its origin.

The triangle was discovered quite by accident by the Croatian surveyor Zdenko Grbavac during measurements at the quarry. He noticed a triangular formation that differed in color from the rest of Tusto Celo hill and measured it. He found that the formation was a regular triangle with two sides 32 meters long and a third 22 meters long. Upon further examination, it was concluded that the properties of this stone are not similar to any other surrounding rock. What made this triangle even more interesting were the 30-centimeter-deep holes on each side of the triangle for which no one could offer an explanation. This discovery attracted a lot of attention from the media, ufologists and tourists, all of whom were on the triangle.

Geological surveys have concluded that the rocks within the triangle are of different colors due to exposure to extreme temperatures in the past. This megalithic formation is thought to be 12,000 years old.

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very good!!!
The uniquely shaped triangle shaped land is a beauty to be hold. It remains a memory to me because my husband proposed to me here.
The uniqueness of the stones forming the triangle was eye-opening. Similarly, I enjoyed discovering the holes at each side of the triangle. It was a great learning experience for me and my friends.
I was mesmirized by the geological formation of this place which resulted in an isosceles triangle. The rocks within the triangle were different from its surrounding which is quite puzzling. Looking to solve a riddle, this is the place to start.
This is a protected area. Our team who visited the pag triangle likened it with UFO sightings. Amazing place with wonders.
Great hiking trail that we encountered with my kid and the view were fantastic with a peaceful and amazing experience. Good gear is required.
I was intrigued by this place because of the possibility of Extra terrestrial activity that the scientists have tried to solve. Mind blowing
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