Pag Lace Gallery


This gallery has been operating as a part of the Pag Lacemakers' Association "Frane Budak" since 1998, and its main intention is to preserve this centuries-old artistic tradition.

The exhibition will take you through the history of Pag lace so you’ll be able to see lace designs as they developed through time, as well as clothing items decorated with lace. Photos of Pag lacemakers are also on display, but you will be able to see how the lace is made in real-time, as well. Pag lacemakers use various crochet techniques to create truly magical, ‘cobwebby’ lace designs and it will be a treat to see the lace as it’s being made.

It’s definitely worth setting some time a part for a visit to this place and learn about this long-lasting tradition of Pag that has become one of it’s best known symbols.

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Pag island

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Ul. Marka Laura Ruića 30, 23250, Pag


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