Mirabela Fortress


Mirabela Fortress is located at the top of the historic center of Omish and is one of the symbols of the city. It was built in the 13th century as a scout from the enemy. Here, Omish pirates followed the enemy and could set off an alarm even before enemy ships could approach the city. The fortress offers a view of the entire Omish and the Brach channel. The fortress consists of 4 floors, and at the top is a beautiful belvedere. The fortress is reached from the old town. It takes about 10 minutes to walk, but one part is steeper.

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Peovo, 21310, Omiš


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
Mirabela fortress has an amazing paranomic view. Climbing a narrow ladder to the top is what I enjoyed a lot.
Nice old fortress at the rocks that i visited and the rich medieval history was intresting with great views of the beach and the city.
I was advised to book a pirate tour in advance. It was a great experience I live to remember.
The Romanesque architecture used in this building serves to explain various historical events like the hideout for Omis pirates.
Built above the town of Omis. I was really captivated by the view from the top of this ancient Fortress
The view from the top in the night was awesome and it is a very cheap place to visit. We had a great time walking to the top it was like a hiking adventure
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