Fortica Fortress


Fortress Fortica is located on the Dinara mountain above Omish. It was built in the 15th century. The fortress offers a beautiful view of the surrounding islands of Brach, Hvar and Sholta and the canyon of the river Cetina. This position was very important for piracy, as a large area could be controlled from one place. Fortica also had a defensive role. In the event that Omish was surrounded, boulders would be thrown from the fortress that would destroy the enemy, but would also destroy the city. Fortunately, that did not happen. The fortress can be reached by a maintained path, and it takes about an hour to walk.

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Put Baučića, 21310, Borak


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very good!!!
Fortica Fortress is the best! I had a great time with my wife and children. The service is good, the food is tasty and the area is kept clean.
Fortica fortress is a wonderful place that holds the collection of exhibits from antiquity to middle ages. A historical arena. Educative and fascinating.
The fortress was beautiful to explore, it had amazing views from the benches as we made our way up to the fortress itself, and also at night it was nicely lit. Any lover of adventure should visit this place.
It was fantastic experiencing the exquisite architecture and unforgetable panaromic view. I loved the fortress with all my heart.
I enjoyed the stories of how the location acted as hiding point in various wars
I loved the panoramic views of the place as we had drinks at the restaurants and the feeling was out of this world. Unforgettable.
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