The House of a Happy Man


The House of a Happy Man is located in one of the small stone streets in Omish. It is named after the inscription above the front door that reads in Latin "I thank thee, Lord, for having lived in this world" (GRATIAS AGO TIBI DNE QUIA FUI IN HOC MONDO). The house was built in the 16th century and most probably belonged to the lawyer Ivan Promojević, a lawyer and ambassador of the Omish commune in Venice. Interestingly, this is one of the first houses in Omiš that were built on the principle that the kitchen is on the top floor. This type of construction became popular after a lot of houses with a kitchen on the ground floor were turned to dust, because the fire most often started right in the kitchen.

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Knezova Kačića 5, 21310, Omiš


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