Mirabela Fort


Mirabela Fortress is an impressive stone building from the 13th century that was built above the Old Town of Omis. We can say that the fortress is today's recognizable symbol of the city. The locals also call it Peovica. Its function throughout history has been of a defensive nature, so it was built with the intention of being an observatory of the then enemies - the Venetians. There is a legend related to the fortress that tells of the Turks attacking the city in the 16th century. Namely, the defenders of the city at the time were shouting and shouting from the fortress so much that the Turks thought they were numerically superior and withdrew their troops and gave up the attack on the city. Of course, it was an echo that confused the enemy. Today, Mirabela is a preserved fortress of as many as 4 floors, and here is a popular lookout point with an incredible panoramic view of the entire city and its surroundings. The fortress is easily accessible from the center of the old town - namely, you need about 10 minutes to climb the stone steps. The price of the entrance to Mirabel is a symbolic 20 kuna, so do not miss the opportunity to see this monumental building!


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