Mediterranean Labyrinth of Love


Embark on a fun path exploration game! You will be accompanied by the scent of laurel and the energy of the stone spiral, which will help you encourage positive changes in the body. Love, beauty, creativity, happiness, peace and joy are just some of them, and you can feel them after your first visit to the maze of love. If you take your loved one with you, all those emotions that make you shine and feel eternally young will appear.

The maze is made of 400 laurel bushes that will become allies in your game. Find activities that will help you make your wishes come true. Close your eyes and place yourself in the arms of your loved one. Explore! May not only love but also trust and security guide you on this path.

The charm of the labyrinth is not only its formation, but also the nature that surrounds it. The unique symbiosis of laurel bushes, the smell of trees, the sound of water and the strong influence of stone encourages positive changes in the human body, helps to achieve goals and frees from many negative emotions. Therefore, on your way through the maze, do not go back to the beginning, turn or cross the barriers from path to path, but firmly and decisively step towards the set goal.

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