Crni Molo Beach Crikvenica


Crni Molo beach is part of the sandy beach City swimming pool in Crikvenica, about a kilometer and a half away from the city center. The beach is known for its shallowness and sand, which is why it is an ideal gathering place for families with children and picigin lovers, and water aerobics is organized during the season. Other sports activities include beach volleyball, water slides, mini golf, water skiing, jet skiing. The beach is rich in natural shade due to the centuries-old pine trees along the promenade. See accommodation options for Crikvenica. 

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public beach



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51260, Crikvenica


(4 reviews)
We had a nice volleyball match by the beach and we really enjoyed it, there are so many recreational activities to choose from, the sand is smooth and the shallow waters were very niice, shade is also in plenty and there are accomodations
The water slides and jet skiing were my favourite activities while at the beach. The beach also had plenty of shade from the tall pine trees around to shelter people from the hot summer sun
My family had fun visiting this sandy beach with its shallowness, teh sports activities available here provided a ice way for all of us to bond and have fun. The natural shades due to the century-old pine trees offer shade that makes one want to relax an dmaybe read a book. They even offer accomodation options here, it is faily crowded durin the summer but still worth visiting.
very good!!!
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