Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar


Do you know where the best beach for dogs is in Croatia? It is located in the port of Podvorska in Crikvenica, and its name is Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar. The main stars of this beach do not walk on two legs, do not speak (at least not in a language we understand), but drink beer. Yes, you read that right, it's not a joke. This beach has received an original and unique content in Croatia, but also in the world - the first cafe for dogs. Now you can have a relaxed coffee without worries, and your four-legged pet can drink dog beer or nibble on chips and ice cream just to his liking. It delights all the cute "barkers" and their owners, and it's up to you to check why.

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Podvorska bb, 51260, Crikvenica


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I finally found a place i could treat my two dogs. This beach has a cafe for dogs where they enjoyed nibbling on chips and licking ice cream on their bowls. With wagging of their tails you could tell they were happy. You should try out this amazing beach.
I won't even lie, my dog seemed to not want to leave his place! This dog beach is perfect for when you want to treat your pet to an amazing vacation. There is even a dog bar where they were given dog beer and other snacks. I was just relaxing at the cafe having my cold drink.This is a good place to bring the dog to get away from the usual park and house routine.
My dog had a chance to take ice cream to his liking. The beach is secure so I was at peace as my "tipsy" played in the outside of the beach. The beach managers were kind and accommodative to my pet. I loved it here.
Unique beach with lovely cute little pets as they walked around the beach on the summer. The beach has several spots for ice cream and beer too and the pets looked lovely around. The beach was clean and looked beautiful.
This was the best beach to let my dog hangout and enjoy fresh air gasps in a not crowded environment.As I took my coffee, my dog took dog beer which was made to perfection. My dog liked it, I could see it lick its lips .
very good!!!
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