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The very center of Crikvenica is home to over a hundred and fifty species of fish, all housed in the Aquarium that stretches across two hundred square meters of space.

The thirty fish tanks have been arranged to mimic the natural surroundings of the tropical seas, salt waters and freshwaters that these fish usually live in. Among the hundred species that come from the Adriatic you’ll be able to spot the cat sharks, the dogfish and the sea horses, and the tropical troops are represented, among others, by zebrafish, angelfish and clownfish.

The Aquarium was founded by biologists and ichthyologists in cooperation with the local fishermen in order to create the best possible living conditions for all the species swimming here, while striving to offer the visitors a fun and educational experience at the same time.

Visiting the Aquarium will no doubt be a fabulous experience for children of all ages, although the adults, too, will enjoy the tranquillity of the space and the ambience reminiscent of the underwater world.

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Vinodolska ul. 8, 51260, Crikvenica


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