Fort Badanj


In the immediate vicinity of Crikvenica, along the course of Dubrachina, there is a small but strategically well-placed hillfort - Badanj, the oldest monument of medieval fortification construction in Vinodol. The original name of the fort, abandoned after a great earthquake in the 14th century, is unknown. Part of the military crew probably moved to the nearby village of Kostelj, and the functions of supervising the mouth of the river Dubrachina were taken over by ancient Kotor. in the 15th century, next to which there is a medieval cemetery, formed after leaving the old Croatian cemetery in Gorica in the village of Stranche.

The history of Christmas Eve is associated with the legend of the buried treasure kept by a large snake, and the Croats heard it from the natives they found there. The snake is an ancient Mediterranean divine symbol, and legends about buried treasure are common in the area of ​​the Crikvenica Riviera and Vinodol.

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