Likva Bay


Likva Bay with a beautiful pebble beach is located not far from Sutivan. Cultivated vineyards and olive groves that extend all the way to the sea contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of this quiet bay. If you are looking for a place to relax, away from the city crowds, visit the bay Likva and enjoy the peace and scents of the flora of the island of Brac. You can reach Likva Bay by boat and car.

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21403, Sutivan


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We enjoyed a boat tour across the bay and the views were amazing. Unforgettable experience with friendly guide and we had fun.
The small beautiful bay has a clean pebble beach and a turquoise blue sea. The views from the amazing beach is superb with dazzling sea to witness and the awesome landscape to showcase. We enjoyed our stay at the bay and went swimming on the afternoon hours with warm temperatures. We also had the chance to go on a boat ride on the sea and the cruise was amazing. Our tour guide was wonderful and we enjoyed. We also had an adventure in the sea underwater as we went snorkeling and explored the vast marine environment and creatures.
My kids loved walking barefoot on the pebble beach . The ambience of the bay is a must crave for peace and quiet place lovers. i loved the cultivated vineyards surrounding the water body.The scents of flora of the bay are breathtaking. It was great surfing along the waves. The bay is ideal for all ages.
I loved the cultivated vineyards and grape groves that sorrounded the water body. The scenery is breathtaking.
The waters of this place is quite nice. I enjoyed swimming here and walking on the sandy beaches. The view of this place is breathtaking. A perfect place for a weekend getaway. I really loved boat riding and kite surfing. Sunbathing and relaxing by the beach as i watched people kitesurf was a very relaxing moment.
It was a good experience on the boats, the view of the island in the middle and the mountains at the top were worthwhile.
The bay has some really huge waves very scary but adrenaline kicks in just to watch as it bumps out each other, wonderful spot to visit
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