Bridge of Franz Joseph


Built during the Austro-hungarian reign this bridge is a curiosity, since the island of Brach has no rivers or creeks.

However, in 1897 a great storm hit the western part of the island, flooding the countryside. The powerful torrent that went down the Veli Dolac ravine tore out trees and destroyed the old bridge. Following this, the Austrian government built a new bridge, and since it was completed in the 50th year of the emperor’s reign it was named the Bridge of Franz Joseph I. It’s connects to a part of the road leading from Milna to Supetar by way of Lozhishche and Mirac.

It makes for a lovely walking route, especially if you’re going from Lozhishche, where the road takes you through the olive groves, towards the bottom of the Veli Dolac ravine and the bridge.

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