Cape Gomilica


Cape Gomilica is located not far from Sutivan on the island of Brac. We recommend that you travel to the beach by car as it is not close to the place (if you are walking). The sea here is warm, clear and beautiful blue. The beaches are mostly rocky but you can easily access the sea. The beach and the whole part of the cape are suitable for recreationists and younger people. Near the cape there is a nature park Sutivan which is great for walking and relaxing. As it is a bit more remote, there are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need for your vacation. If you still decide to find refreshment in one of the cafes or restaurants, the center of Sutivan is not far.

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I went on a boat ride with my uncle who used to be a captain once. I revered in his teachings concerning the sea and open waters. It was a great bonding experience for us and I got inspired on my future careers. This location is absolutely breathtaking.
Apart from loving the blue warm sea what really made the experience better was the walk at the nature park Sutivan near the Cape. The park has a small restaurant which cooks delicious homemade food. You should try it if you plan to visit.
very good!!!
Anyone looking to spend time in a beach with a warm, clear and beautiful sea that is easily accessible. There is a nature park nearby a nice place to walka nd just enjoy nature, it leaves you relaxed. There are no additional facilities so I advice to carry everything you need for the visit. The center of Sutivan nearby offers refreshment facilities.
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