Gradina Kuk (Senia)


At the end of Senj, above the houses of Biondich, Gregovich and Grzhanich, the hill Kuk, a prehistoric Illyrian settlement, rises steeply.According to all this, it seems that on the south-west side there must have been an entrance to the settlement, that is, to the central fort at the very top. dry stone walls, a large amount of Illyrian and Roman pottery, pieces of grindstones, grinding wheels, stone cores, scrapers and spikes, black earth, animal bones of various domestic animals. As for the fortifications, the fort provided relative security to the inhabitants, while as an observatory it played a first-class role because it dominated the entire Podgorski channel. Who was the first observer of this Old Settlement (SENIE) is now difficult to answer.
It seems that the first inhabitants of the Old Settlement at the end of the 2nd millennium BC. they were members of the Illyrian tribes of Jopad. The old settlement on Kuk probably existed since Roman times, ie BC. it should not be ruled out that there was a suburb which developed more and more to the west, descending towards the sea.
According to all that has been found and what we have now, we believe that the prehistoric settlement on Kuk began in the late Bronze Age and ended in Roman times.

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