Remains of the Senj slab


Bashka tablet is not the only old Croatian monument written in Glagolitic script, although it is the oldest. Senj, located near Krk where the plaque was found, is also known as the Glagolitic town. The Senj plaque, found on the staircase of the Nehaj fortress during the reconstruction works, testifies that the Glagolitic alphabet was as widespread in the 11th century as it was on neighboring Krk. It is one of the oldest Croatian Glagolitic monuments created almost at the same time as the Baška tablet. It has not been preserved in its entirety, but only fragments with carved plant ornaments and Glagolitic letters have been found. Today, the preserved fragments are kept in the Senj City Museum. In addition to the Senj tablet, 10 other Glagolitic inscriptions were found in Senj.

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