Nehaj Historical Park


The park is located around the fortress of the same name by the sea and spreads over 14 hectares, there is room for many facilities for all ages. Inside the park is a famous monument to Calvary, which was built in 1740. Believers visit Calvary throughout the year, and the Way of the Cross leads to it with 14 stations, which are symbolized by 14 rest areas in the Park. In the heart of the Park is Kosturnica, a monument to anti-fascism and all the victims of freedom. The Park offers an exceptional view of Senj, especially its old town - a protected cultural monument created in the Middle Ages.The hill is intertwined with about 4 kilometers of pebble paths suitable for recreation such as walking, brisk walking, etc., and the two children's playgrounds located in the Park provide children with carefree fun. In the park there is also a sports field Tennis, which in summer can serve as a summer stage for various events, concerts, festivals, plays and the like.

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Nehajski put 3, 53270, Senj


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It is located by the sea. It is a historical cultural monument. It hosts the famous monument of calvary which was built in the 18th century. It has epic recreational facilities such as pebble paths for trekking.
My kids had a fantastic time playing in the park. I really loved touring this place. Its ancient monument was captivating. It also hosts several activities during summer. It was worth the visit.
We visited the Historical Park with the kids and they had an amazing time at the playground at the park. The look on their faces of the smiles was an assurance that they had fun and it was totally worth the visit.
It is a great monumental place and when we had the chance to visit the place we enjoyed the wonderful history that it holds and learned of it all. We also loved the awesome arrangement of the place and the marvelous historic collection
The Nehaj castle that is the centre of attention at the park has a great architectural structure that is amusing to see. I loved the Gothic and ancient touch of the place that gave me a thrill. We also took some amazing pictures and it was remarkable
very good!!!
I visited Nehaj historical park. I was pleased to see the famous monument built long time ago. Great place to visit.
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